The syrupy and authentic rhododendrons

The rhododendrons

If you want to track and taste the best quality of rhododendrons then the authentic and the best varieties can be found in the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand in India.They are found in other parts of India like the Garhwal,Eastern Himalayas and also in some parts of the Northern Himalayas.Being the national flower of Nepal,they may be either
deciduous or evergreen and can be found in most corners of the world.They are accessible and found abundantly in the Kumaon belt namely Sitlakhet and on the way to Munsiyari,India,.

The red flowers of rhododendrons
Rhododendrons as spotted from Khalia Top

Rhododendrons growing in the tree branches
Rhododendrons spreading their oasis

My experience has been mostly wonderful in the Kumaon Himalayas of Uttarakhand where the species are grown as delicate plants and I have been lucky and fortunate enough to see the different varieties growing in solidarity in the wild  trees encompassing the region.They grow throughout the year but the majority of its species are seen after the autumn season and they keep intriguing people across the world.The authentic rhododendrons do provide us with lots of health benefits including blood purifier,increasing energy level and treatment of skin ailments and also acts as an health drink appetizer.

A bunch of rhododendrons
Evergreen rhododendrons


Rhododendrons growing together in the trees
Rhododendrons growing in solidarity in the trees

Varieties of rhododendrons
Different species of rhododendrons

There are syrups and juices extracted or prepared from the flowers and sold in glass bottles and can be purchased for a few bucks .i.e 5$ per bottle.To prepare,there should be two tea spoons of the syrupy material with cold water and 1 cup of sugar to get the best taste and the flavor.Since there are different species of it,the taste may vary depending upon the different categories of it being available and cultivated in India.The syrups are normally deep red in color and very much concentrated and sold in bottles or plastic containers.It would be good enough to mix it with water and sugar along
with three tea spoons of the syrup and serve and drink it to get the authentic taste and flavor of these rhododendrons.

Rhododendrons classified as deciduos
Deciduos rhododendrons

It is essential to compare it with the authentic rhododendrons that are available in the region than the ones which are not the original quality that are being sold to lure and fool people willing to get the real taste of the flower.Normally the label outside the bottle and the place where they are manufactured can give you the real estimate or take the best opinion in deciding the superior or the actual variety of the species.The species are grown and manufactured throughout the year so it would be wise to plan a trip to the Kumaon spectrum once in a lifetime to accomplish,experience and feel the piquancy
of the best varieties of the species.

The red rhododendrons spotted on a wild tree
Species of rhododendrons as seen from Munsiari

Panchchuli:Five adjacent peaks endowed with fleecy stimulants

Panchchuli mountains

Panchchuli is a range of five snow covered peaks with fleecy stimulants in the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand endowed with  palpable from Munsiyari.Among the five peaks ranging around 6000 m above sea level,the second peak is considered to be the highest among all the adjacent
peaks in this massif mountain ranges.There are four glaciers emanating from the massif and forms a central part of the water repository in the adjoining valleys.The name is Panchchuli because of the five pandavas who went to conquer the mountain as their last supper.

Panchchuli endowed with fleecy stimulants

Khalia camp
Khalia top

It is easier and simple to go towards the base camp after which the climb is a herculean one and not within the reach of common man.The Britishers have tried climbing all of these ranges within a stipulated time frame making a history of conquering these mammoth peaks.The ranges of Panchchuli endowed with fleecy stimulants are also discernible from Khalia Top Bugyal and can be witnessed properly without any speculations.The peaks fascinate and continue to impress all travelers having the mountain wanderlust in them.I was fortuitous in catching hold of all the five peaks of the ranges tangibly with one of my friend and catching the exquisiteness and the beauty in the lenses.

Panchchuli mountains


Five peaks of Panchchuli
Five peaks of Panchchuli

The mountain peaks dazzles during sunrise garlanding the entire region of the Kumaon spectrum and the view is enchanting and magnificient during sunset after which the clouds come pouring in eclipsing these peaks slowly and then vanishing from
the cynosure of all human eyes.These peaks have the power to awaken a dead soul and are the epitome of good luck,prosperity and well being.The peaks invigorates creating an impeccable hysteria among human minds to go and circumvent and introspect
about their unknowing heights and their existence from human stand point.The glaciers are said to be intact and not in the pipeline of getting melted any sooner which is a promising sign for life thriving at the Himalayan abode.


Gravity of Kumaon Himalayas

Khalia top bugyal


Kumaon ranges expanding from Nainital to Munsiyari forms a central part of the Himalayan region. A two weeks complete coverage is required to transcend the entire section of the Kumaon Himalayas and that is what me and my close friend did in the chilled winter month of November by covering a whooping distance of 8 hours from Delhi by bus crossing Haldwani and few important places of the region.

Kumaon Himalayas in Munsiyari

Kumaon Himalayan ranges
Kumaon Himalayas

Corbett national park
Early Morning at Corbett Tiger Reserve

Approaching Tiffin Top
Near Tiffin Top Nainital

Important areas that we had to transcend were Almora,Pittoragarh,Binsar,Mukteshar,Ranikhet,
Kausani and Munsiyari. One day halt at each of the places made the journey more fascinating and alluring. It is better to hire a car to reach the above destinations so that entire section is covered within the stipulated time frame. The road conditions are not as bad and the journey is a bit cumbersome considering the ridges and rocks across the way. The mighty Himalayas creates an urge to sojourn these places with an extra attention to stay a day or two in these haunt and make a signatory on the visit.

Inner Himalayas
The Inner Himalayas

Shivalik ranges
The Shivaliks

Cold Evening in Sitlakhet

Backpacking at Kausani

There are quite a few important peaks that are visible from these regions including Nanda Devi,Nanda Kot,Trishul,Hansling peak,the mighty Dhauladhars and the immaculate Panchchullis.Few important lakes like Naini,Bhimtal,Naukuchiya Tal are also an important aspect to look into the diaroma.There are high mountain glaciers and passes that forms a part of the entire division including Khalia Top,Milam Glacier, Kafni, Namik, Milam, Maiktoli and the Pindari Glacier.The entire landscape is very vibrant and sparkling due to the presence of snow clad peaks of the Mighty Himalayas and the enigmatic divinity across the region. Best months are December and January to witness the complete grandeur of the entire segment under propinquity. The Kumaon Himalayas are more dynamic and spirited as compared to its peers and the short distance between the adjoining places required to surpass all the destinations within a moderate travel budget. All that is required is to emanate the sparkling adventure,get out of the comfort zone to make it a thrilling enterprise and experience and keep the wanderlust within us dynamic.

Green Grasslands at Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar-An abode of Lord Shiva in the circuit of Kumaon

The temple

Mukteshwar,not known by many is a few hours drive from Nainital and is a sacred and a cherished abode of Lord Shiva.Many pilgrims and worshippers of the deity come from different corners of the world to see the abode which is in the lap of the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand.The sacred and the holy shrine of Shiva is situated at the highest point in the town and is now a tourist destination  to witness the splendor and magnificence of the Mighty Kumaon spectrum.

Mighty Kumaon spectrum from Mukteshwar
Breadthtaking view from Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar Shiva temple
Mukteshwar Dham



Compared to other small hill stations,this place also offers accommodation to tourists coming from different corners who wish to stay a day or two to acclimatize with the environment and observe the offerings of Mother nature.There. are some pristine snow clad peaks visible from the sphere and wildlife adventure thriving in the deodar forests.Sunrise point,rock climbing, and orchard visits are some of the promising tourists attractions in the region that urges real time travelers to convoy the sphere along with the grandiosity and the majesty of the Mighty Himalayas.We brought some woolen clothes which are quite popular in the region and we camped in a place close to the forest area to feel the essence and the grandeur of the place to its fullest.

Winds dictating
Winds dictating and trees witnessing their elocution



Route towards Mukteshwar
On the way to Mukteshwar

Temperature of the region remains mostly subtropical and I chose December month to visit the circuit along with one of my friend to witness the chillness and the eminence of the unblemished peaks of the mighty Kumaon spectrum with Nanda Devi amongst the prominent ones.The winter months of December and January are the best time as there are no climatic huddles that can play spoilsport to one's plans of convoying the entire proximity under consideration.It was an enthralling and spellbinding experience for me and my companion to contrive unforgettable reflection and recognition of this divine place which is a must visit destination for all mountain lovers and pilgrims across the terrain.

Hansling Peak:The peak with a scintillating effulgence

The Hansling


Hansling peak is located in Uttarakhand in the Kumaon Himalayan ranges and is best contemplated from Munsiyari.It. is mostly discernible amongst other neighbouring peaks of Nanda Devi and the Panchachulli mountains from the Khalia Top Bugyal.The peak dazzles in the presence of the morning sun and its scintillating effulgence at twilight whams travellers and mountain lovers with its substantial actualization.There are other peaks surrounding Hansling in the Kumaon spectrum but the peak that shines and sparks memories in the mind of any mountain lover is Hansling.The mountain peak has a very simple and fascinating appearance and does not contain complex structures and framework along its surface.

Scintillating effulgence of Hansling
Hansling peak

It takes about 8 kms to reach Khalia top to catch the best glimpse of Hansling from Munsiyari.It can be observed from other areas of Kumaon belt but I feel that Munsiyari is the best place in Kumaon to get the integrated plenary of Hansling.The best season would be December-March to catch the enigmatic appearance of Hansling when its scintillating effulgence intrigues travellers across the world.Hansling is a peak which is visible from the interiors of the Kumaon spectrum and Khalia top Bugyal and the panorama is supreme and imperial as compared to other sights and attractions in any corner of the world.

I was mesmerized to see Hansling shining amongst the other adjoining peaks in the range and was clearly visible and free from elliptic and dark nimbus clouds.There were other mountain guides across the region who explained us the importance of this peak and the history behind its name and appearance.We wandered across the summit for quite some time and rendered good and memorable experiences that I would never forget in my lifetime and I would urge other mountain lovers and travellers to sojourn this corner of the territory in the near future to experience the enigmatic divinity of Pristine Himalayas.

Winds talk to each other in Sitlakhet



Sitlakhet,a small hill station in the Kumaon ranges of Uttarkhand is one of the least explored destinations and hidden among the dense forests of Kumaon in North India.It is a 4 hrs drive and at a distance of 86 kms from the lake capital of Uttarakhand,Nainital.Sitlakhet is a place where winds talk to each other and rhododendrons syrups are found in abundance and heaven awaits for every like minded trav eler

Sitlakhet Scenery
Winds talk to each other
Winds dictating and trees witnessing their elocution


.If one can feel the same through his mind and heart they could realize that the winds talk to each other in the early and late evening hours with trees witnessing their presence and supervising and interpreting their elocution.There are KMVN tourist rest houses and assorted home stay rentals available at cheap budget for travelers willing to do a night stay or so in Sitlakhet.Many like minded travelers or tourists do not know that a place like Sitlakhet exists in Nainital and Munsiyari route due to human negligence and lack of geographical knowledge.There are rhododendrons syrups available in the region to bring for the family and children to increase and improve health awareness.

Kumaon Himalayas
Kumaon spectrum



En route to Sitlakhet
On the way to Sitlakhet

We managed to pack and carry our sleeping bags and organize a camp around the forest area of Sitlakhet with bonfire to warm ourselves for the night.We could hear and auscultate some sounds of wild animals in the woodland area but that could not plunder or perturb our impulse the excitement and adventure planned for the midnight.We sang,danced,took weird photographs,created whimsical sounds to surprise the animals and scram our fear.A place where winds talk amidst of thousands of trees and mountains of the Himalayas harnessing their actions is subtle and sparse in India so I would instigate and enliven young travelers to add this hamlet to their travel wishlist.

Alluring magnetism of Khalia Top

Khalia top

Mixing Media

Khalia Top,located at a distance of around 8 kms from the town of Munsiyari is a high altitude trekking summit and a Himalayan meadow.The most important peak that is visible from here is the Hansling peak and other peaks like Nandakot,Trishul and Nanda Devi East are also palpable.The snow clad peaks of the Kumaon ranges were tangible from the meadow and took our breadth away and I had to adjust the lens properly to catch the alluring magnetism

Khalia Top Bugyal
Khalia Top

Kumaon Himalayas
kumaon spectrum

Kumaon spectrum
Kumaon Himalayas

A trekking bag,hand full of gloves,sleeping bags,torch,lighter were my gears for the trek and I had to escape the crowd and make my way to the summit.It was also in my top 10 list of favourable treks and I had to trek this point all the way from Munsiyari after I reached there overnight.The next day early morning I packed my bag and was ready to climb all the way till Khalia Top Bugyal.

En route to Khalia top
On the way to Khalia Top


Khalia Top Bugyal
trekking through khalia top

Khalia Top
View from Khalia top

There were the Himalayan sheep covered with thick fur all around her body that was discernible and also some unicorns that were trackable.Wild species of flowers of rhododendrons especially found in this part of the region took our sight away from the untarnished peaks of the Kumaon Ranges.The sun rising at 6 am amidst of these mountain ranges gave a striking appearance to the sky and the white clouds engulfing all around the environment.I had to wear my jeans tight and jackets and shoes proper to prevent my leg getting swamped in snow.Snow was fresh and pristine during this time of the year which added flavor and charisma to the ambiance.

Snow covered road
road covered with snow


Khalai top bugyal
Khalia top

.The dazzling panorama of the pristine mountains was an enduring experience for me and my entourage and I encourage young travelers to add this trip to their wishlist.Happy Travelling!!!!



Munsiyari-The garland of Kumaon

Munsiyari town


Munsiyari,a notable place in the Himalayas is the garland of the Kumaon range from where the beautiful peaks are a few distance from the human touch.Important peaks that are visible are the Panchchuli, Hansling peak,Trishul to name a few.The experience was very enthralling for me and I visited the place with one of my closest friend and even sparks memories now to tell this to all my friends in a closed room making a video documentary on the travel episode.I was the happiest person at that time in the planet as I could see the entire Kumaon and some portions of the Garhwal Himalayas all at one go from one stand point.The. winds and the mountains talk in Munsiyari if one can feel the same from his inner soul


Panchchulli mountains

radial view of Munsiyari
Radial view of Munsiyari from hotel

Sunset at Munsiyari

.The whole atmosphere is electrifying as there is mountain wilderness all around the region.A few kilometers up the region will take you to the famous Khalia Top where it is requited to climb the glacier and the peaks even come more closer from the reach of the humans.



Khalia top bugyal
View of Panchchulli from Khalia Top Bugyal

Home stays are available for travelers at cheap/affordable prices.Food option is also provided if anyone wants to be their own chef and prepare the same.It would be a good option to visit Munsiyari in a group rather than solo travel as there are lot of other places in the Kumaon range to see and witness and make a documentary on the travel.

Garland of Kumaon
Khalia Top



Munsyari can be reached from Nainital by covering a road distance of around 12 hours by car.The route is easy to follow as places like Ranikhet,Almora,Kausani and Chaukhori fall in the way and if a driver loses direction it can be tracked from the Uttarakhand Kumaon map.Munisyari is also known as the garland of  Kumaon as it is at the summit and the top point of Kumaon Himalayas.The Milam Glacier trek also starts from Munsiyari and is one of the most important and top 10 treks of the country that a traveler can experience in his time period.