Annapurna Conservation Area Trekking

Annapurna South massif

Annapurna mountain is the tenth highest mountain in the world enclaved by six mountain peaks namely A-1,A-2,A-3,A-4,Gangapurna and Annapurna South forming a huge mountain system in the sphere.This Annapurna Conservation Area trek is one of the most difficult and herculean climbs in my travel span and choosing the right trekking group can enliven and make our dreams a reality.Annapurna ranges are bounded by the Kali Gandaki george on the west and Pokhra valley to the south.Pokhra remains the entry point to the trekking zone and it is possible to reach the base camp in five days and the entire trip can be completed in ten days travel time.

Annapurna Conservation Area trek
Annapurna Conservation Area

Annapurna II
Annapurna II

The flow of the trek goes like: Pokhara-Ghandruk-Chomrung-Dovan-Machapuchare Base Camp-ABC Camping zone-Bamboo-Jhinu-Pokhra.The names of the places are difficult to pronounce but the good thing is that English or Hindi is understood by the local people so it is easy to find the route if we accidentally lose our way to the camping zone.The trek is one of the most exhilarating and vitalizing excursions where we can ascultate the sounds of wild animals and mammals while traversing through the forests and the villages.There are quite a number of oak trees,ferns and rhododendrons crossing our way and making the trek even more fascinating,realistic and favourable.We could even spot banana trees in the way and bamboos in the Annapurna Conservation Area.

Annapurna Conservation area
Annapurna massif

Annapurna III
Annapurna III

Being the tenth highest mountain in the world,Annapurna Conservation Area trek holds special significance due to the massif mountain ranges and the presence of other prominent peaks of Machapuchare,Nilgiri Himal and the Himanchuli which are visible from the other angle.The beauty of the trek also lies in witnessing the presence of colorful butterflies which was a striking and unusual feature of this trek amongst other expeditions.I was fortuitous in planning this trek with Peregrine Treks and their services were satisfactory and encouraging for any young adventure enthusiast.On reaching the base camp there was victory and joy in every ones face
as we could spot the big massifs covered with snow with some ranges forming triangle shaped appearances and others convex structures creating a sense of mirth and hysteria in everyone's minds.The mountains were covered with snow and the orange
color of the sun created a vibrant radiance in the afternoon hours after which we camped the entire day waiting for the beautiful sunrise to see between the snow capped mountains.

The village at Ghandruk
Ghandruk Village

The scene was perfect and an eye catcher for all travel enthusiasts,photographers and mountain lovers when the sun started rising between the mountains creating an unique purlieu with the environment.Weather was crystal clear and bright and could
not perturb or dismantle our minds from getting the best view of the peaks in the presence of the morning light.The bone chilling cold and the legs getting swamped in snow was a matter of concern for a few minutes when we acclimatized to the conditions prevailing in the conservation base camp area with a cup of noodles to break our hunger and the temptation and excitement planned for the day.We danced,took crazy photographs,played with ice and the kids living in the region making this place the most exotic adventure destination for any geo traveler and enduring trekker.

Machhapuchhare Camp
Maccchapuchare base Camp

Ghorepani hill
Ghorepani Poon Hill

Chandra Taal|Sweet water lake of love and passion in Greater Himalayas

Chandra Taal


Chandra Taal is the only Sweet water lake situated in the Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh in India circumscribed by the mountains of the Greater Himalayas.The lake looks dazzling and spirited in the morning and afternoon hours reflecting the color of the empyrean and strikes a wonderful glow with the environment.The mountains encircling the lake belongs to the Greater Himalayan circuit and consists of different colors,shapes and sizes.Travellers and tourists come from different corners of the world to view the stunning appearance that makes it exemplary and distinct among
other high altitude Himalayan lakes.The proximity of firmly different textures helped me to capture the stream of water in the lake as if I were shooting an ocean from a plane.

Sweet water lake Chandra Taal
The Candid Chandra Taal

Route to <a  href=
Chandra Taal" width="960" height="720" /> On the way to Chandra Taal

Mountains encircling the sweet water lake
The mountains encircling the lake zone

Passionate people willing to camp in the Himalayas find this place the perfect stead for such activities but backpackers need to get their own tents and other trekking gears willing to adventure and set up their own campaigns in the area to keep their wanderlust alive and dynamic.Backpackers and adventure activists plan for a sojourn near the lake and spend the night getting a chance to  capture its beauty and changing colors.During winter the lake is normally frozen so it would be wise to visit the lake during autumn or summer to feel its essence and charm.

Approaching Chandra Taal
On the way to Chandra Taal lake

Dry areas around Chandra Taal
The dry areas of the region and the arid mountains

Chandra Taal enclaved by mountains
Chandra Taal enclaved by mountains

Chandra Taal hiking
Hiking around Chandra Taal

My experience with this sweet water lake was amazing and the weather was crystal clear and free from nimbus clouds.The entire area is very scenic and perfect and on spanning few kilometres would take us to the famous Bara Shigri Glacier enveloping the Kunzum Pass.There are tents set up between the Pass and lake by the local residents for their daily income and business.The road is zig zag and an easy one to traverse with the mountains of the Greater Himalayas encompassing and creating a dazzling panorama for photographers and travel enthusiasts.Lovers and couples often consider this place
as the perfect honeymoon destination due to its geographical latitude and bearings.The color of the mountains keep on changing as we come closer to the lake and move westward towards to the Kunzum pass.The place has all the ingredients,piquancy and flavors to compare it with the top ten high altitude lakes of the world and the best in India.Being the only sweet water lake and the origin of the Chandra river in Greater Himalayas it attracts more tourists and travelers across the world

Sweet water lake Chandra Taal
Chandra Taal

Gravity of Kumaon Himalayas

Khalia top bugyal


Kumaon ranges expanding from Nainital to Munsiyari forms a central part of the Himalayan region. A two weeks complete coverage is required to transcend the entire section of the Kumaon Himalayas and that is what me and my close friend did in the chilled winter month of November by covering a whooping distance of 8 hours from Delhi by bus crossing Haldwani and few important places of the region.

Kumaon Himalayas in Munsiyari

Kumaon Himalayan ranges
Kumaon Himalayas

Corbett national park
Early Morning at Corbett Tiger Reserve

Approaching Tiffin Top
Near Tiffin Top Nainital

Important areas that we had to transcend were Almora,Pittoragarh,Binsar,Mukteshar,Ranikhet,
Kausani and Munsiyari. One day halt at each of the places made the journey more fascinating and alluring. It is better to hire a car to reach the above destinations so that entire section is covered within the stipulated time frame. The road conditions are not as bad and the journey is a bit cumbersome considering the ridges and rocks across the way. The mighty Himalayas creates an urge to sojourn these places with an extra attention to stay a day or two in these haunt and make a signatory on the visit.

Inner Himalayas
The Inner Himalayas

Shivalik ranges
The Shivaliks

Cold Evening in Sitlakhet

Backpacking at Kausani

There are quite a few important peaks that are visible from these regions including Nanda Devi,Nanda Kot,Trishul,Hansling peak,the mighty Dhauladhars and the immaculate Panchchullis.Few important lakes like Naini,Bhimtal,Naukuchiya Tal are also an important aspect to look into the diaroma.There are high mountain glaciers and passes that forms a part of the entire division including Khalia Top,Milam Glacier, Kafni, Namik, Milam, Maiktoli and the Pindari Glacier.The entire landscape is very vibrant and sparkling due to the presence of snow clad peaks of the Mighty Himalayas and the enigmatic divinity across the region. Best months are December and January to witness the complete grandeur of the entire segment under propinquity. The Kumaon Himalayas are more dynamic and spirited as compared to its peers and the short distance between the adjoining places required to surpass all the destinations within a moderate travel budget. All that is required is to emanate the sparkling adventure,get out of the comfort zone to make it a thrilling enterprise and experience and keep the wanderlust within us dynamic.

Green Grasslands at Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar-An abode of Lord Shiva in the circuit of Kumaon

The temple

Mukteshwar,not known by many is a few hours drive from Nainital and is a sacred and a cherished abode of Lord Shiva.Many pilgrims and worshippers of the deity come from different corners of the world to see the abode which is in the lap of the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand.The sacred and the holy shrine of Shiva is situated at the highest point in the town and is now a tourist destination  to witness the splendor and magnificence of the Mighty Kumaon spectrum.

Mighty Kumaon spectrum from Mukteshwar
Breadthtaking view from Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar Shiva temple
Mukteshwar Dham



Compared to other small hill stations,this place also offers accommodation to tourists coming from different corners who wish to stay a day or two to acclimatize with the environment and observe the offerings of Mother nature.There. are some pristine snow clad peaks visible from the sphere and wildlife adventure thriving in the deodar forests.Sunrise point,rock climbing, and orchard visits are some of the promising tourists attractions in the region that urges real time travelers to convoy the sphere along with the grandiosity and the majesty of the Mighty Himalayas.We brought some woolen clothes which are quite popular in the region and we camped in a place close to the forest area to feel the essence and the grandeur of the place to its fullest.

Winds dictating
Winds dictating and trees witnessing their elocution



Route towards Mukteshwar
On the way to Mukteshwar

Temperature of the region remains mostly subtropical and I chose December month to visit the circuit along with one of my friend to witness the chillness and the eminence of the unblemished peaks of the mighty Kumaon spectrum with Nanda Devi amongst the prominent ones.The winter months of December and January are the best time as there are no climatic huddles that can play spoilsport to one's plans of convoying the entire proximity under consideration.It was an enthralling and spellbinding experience for me and my companion to contrive unforgettable reflection and recognition of this divine place which is a must visit destination for all mountain lovers and pilgrims across the terrain.

Unforgettable Himachal Pradesh: Rediscovering Nature

The apple trees


Unforgettable Himachal Pradesh,one of the beautiful states in India that holds the distinction of discovering and enjoying nature to its fullest is one of the big happenings in my travel life span.It is difficult to enjoy the grandeur of the entire region in one bolt and should be revisited in different times of the year to experience the gravity.

Unforgettable Himachal:Naggar castle
Naggar Castle

Naggar castle exteriors
Naggar Castle

Naggar castle at Himachal
Naggar Castle

Unforgettable Himachal
Early Morning in Himachal

There are amazing and stunning places in the lap of Himachal Pradesh in different forms that creates and makes the nation proud of natural glory and opulence.Some of the places in Himachal Pradesh that has the magic of Mother Nature and grandiosity are Kinnaur, Dharamsala, Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Shimla, Manali, Chitkul, Spiti, Sangla,Naggar castle,some high rising renowned mountain passes and important lakes in the Himalayan circuit.I visited the state more than three times in different times of the year to experience the seasonal differences and enjoy the magic of snowing around in different skiing areas and high mountain glaciers.The blooming of apples is another striking and prominent feature in some important areas of Himachal and the photographs taken in the cover photo of this blog with a collection of apples showing its importance.

Early Morning at Dharamshala

Unforgettable Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh

Mandi district

Beas river
Across River Beas in Mandi

the ground
Cricket ground

Dharamshala and Shimla are two capitals of the region and has a mixed culture of Hinduism and Buddhism.The state is very clean and free from political disturbances and I found the people really hospitable and courteous to tourists and travelers.Tourism. is the prime business across the state and most regions and holds importance in the country and captures the mind and heart of all travelers.The Inner Himalayas,the Greater Himalayas and some part of the Trans Himalayas envelop the state in different framework and makes the place very important and special amongst others and creates an urge to convoy the region with family and friends and contrive unforgettable memories of unforgettable Himachal.

Mountain Peaks

Himachal grandeur
Grandeur of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh
Grandiosity at Himachal

Unforgettable Himachal

Spiti|Cold mountain desert

The road to Spiti

Spiti is a mystery for young travelers across the planet because of its unique geographical location and latitude.It is the cold mountain desert of Himachal Pradesh.The best time to visit Spiti would be in the winter months of December and January and I did the same by traveling a whopping distance of 8 hours in car from Manali with one halt at Gramphoo and the other on the entrance to the valley.There were barbed wires placed at intervals for fencing livestock and scarce vegetation across the green meadows and fields of the valley.Spiti is a magical valley that looks very arid in summers and cool in winter season.There are monasteries,stupas of international importance in the region and it is also the corner point for many trekking expeditions.

Route to Chandra Taal
Approaching Chandra Tal

Cold Mountain desert
Mountain desert

Landscape encircling Kaza

I drove the car solo starting at 6 am in a cold winter morning with no one backing me up for the trip.It was really fascinating to traverse through the high altitude passes of Rohtang and Kunzum in the way..Spiti is also popular among foreign and Indian tourists due to the presence of alpine meadows and some monasteries proclaiming the importance and existence of Buddhism in India.The photos taken during the voyage truly represents the life thriving there and if you see the photos carefully you can scale them and map it to perfection

Green Meadows across Spiti

Towards Kaza

The natural landscape of Spiti resembles a cold desert and not like a mere hill station of sorts.The food is awesome in the valley and gives a true taste of the Lama food available in the region.I stayed in a cheap small lodge to spend the day and acclimatize myself with the weather and the surrounding environment.People in the region were very hospitable and friendly and preached us the importance of the terrain and the area under vicinity.

Route to Spiti Valley
Entering the Spiti District

Approaching Spiti

The most important aspect is that the popular treks of Pin Parvati and Bhaba Pass starts from the place and that is also another reason why trekkers and hardcore travelers find this place very useful and significant.Spiti remains the most important cold mountain desert of Himachal and its a great feeling to come out of the place with rejuvenating memories and reflection of the past travel and encourage passionate young travelers to add this place to their travel wishlist for the future.

Khajjiar-The Playing field of Himachal Pradesh

Khajjiar ground

Khajjiar is the Playing field of Himachal Pradesh due to its sporadic advent and its geographical bearings.It takes half an hour from Dalhousie to arrive at this splendid abode and I chose December month to visit this stead.The luscious green meadows and the presence of deodar,pine forests and the lake covered with weeds makes it unexampled and exclusive among others and rated very profoundly and sometimes known as the Mini Switzerland of India.Khajjiar can be reached by car from Pathankot via Dalhousie by covering a distance of around four hours.The attraction and panorama of Khajjiar is unique and not found in any corner of the country which makes it really supreme and extraordinary.

Playing field of Himachal
Play field of Himachal

Kalatop wildlife
Kalatop Sanctuary


Kalatop sanctuary

Teenagers enjoy the fascination of paragliding,saucering and flying in this sphere with travelers coming from across the world to enjoy its grandeur and eminence.Prominent hill stations around the domain are Dalhousie and Dharamshala and there is also the Kalatop Khajjiar sanctuary to add to its significance and distinction.I was quite fortuitous and blessed to buckle the gravity and the splendor of the Dhauladhar ranges from the hamlet and the clear weather played a crucial role in ensorcelling our mind and heart.Khajjiar is a place for adventure and wildlife enthusiasts across the country to make an attempt to conquer this part of Himachal and contrive unforgettable memories.

Shiva statue

Khajjiar playing field
Play field of Khajjiar

Khajjiar field


It was encouraging for me and my courtiers to enjoy the favorable taste of the food available for travelers at reasonable prices and there were good home stays and lodges available across the proximity without much altercation.The treks of Chamba and Dainkund are very salient and striking for mountaineers and hardcore trekkers across the globe and I found Khajjiar the playing field and very decoying for any individual to get lost in mountain wilderness and adventure.






Pangong|The blue brackish water lake



Pangong Tso is a very renowned blue brackish water lake due to its appearance and geographical position neighboring India and China.I was very fortunate to catch a glimpse of it with my entourage in the summer months.I reached Pangong via the Shyok boulevard from Nubra Valley.The lake looks dazzling after sunrise and the perfect blue color produced from the reflection of the empyrean strikes a wonderful glow to the surroundings and the atmosphere.This color is however temporary and changes throughout the day till twilight. Some people may find it conventional but if an individual understands the hidden wisdom and beauty of traversing around the lake he is really blessed.

Pangong Tso
The Lake of changing colors

Trans Alpine dilemma
Trans Alpine Magnetism

Pangong tso
Pangong Lake and its tempting pizzazz

When I reached there,it was almost 2 pm in the afternoon  and I was mesmerized to see the blue brackish water lake shining amidst the snow clad mountains of the Trans Himalayan region.The. colour of the mountains were mostly brownish and blackish but some were even chocolate brown and orangish in actualization.The peaks were easily discernible and very close to our contact and impact and we embraced the fact that the weather was crystal clear and free from dark clouds.

The Blue brackish water Pangong Lake
Pangong Tso and its reflection with the sky

Blue Pangong
Blue Pangong lake" src="" alt="The Blue Pangong lake" width="1600" height="1200" /> Pangong Lake

The lake enclaved by Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayas surrounding Pangong Lake

There were tents at moderate prices available for travellers ranging from high quality to ordinary and the food was awesome and had a great taste of the region and people very hospitable and kind enough.The lake became more famous in India after the 3 idiots shooting and some other renowned Bollywood movies launched in the recent years.The distinguished varieties of peaks around the lake makes it look more fascinating and ravishing.We can compare the color of the lake with the cool blue drink available in cafe coffee day outlets and changes with the color of the sky.

Blue brackish water lake
The Blue Pangong

The lake has boats that exchanges goods between the neighboring countries and soldiers protecting the territory.The lake looks very artistic in dusk and makes a momentous appearance turning green to blackish.We stayed two days backpacking around the region and the surroundings catching glimpse of all the mountain peaks around it and taking weird photographs.It was enthralling and spellbinding for us to patrol this corner of the Trans Himalayan territory and contrive ravishing and unforgettable memories to last for a decade.

Dharamsala-The unrivaled hill station with a cricket stadium

HPCA cricket stadium

Dharamsala  is the only unrivaled hill station in India with a cricket stadium to its name.Domestic and international matches are hosted often in a year between Indian neighbouring and European nations.The cricket stadium is situated in the center of the sphere which is a matter of pride and heritage of the region making it special and unique among other neighbouring hill stations. The best time to visit the Land of Lamas would be December and January when snowfall begins to show its charm and fascination to the travelers.

Cricket stadium
HPCA Cricket stadium

The roadside
Along the roadside

Himalayan mountains
Himalayan trees and snow

The unrivaled hill station of Dharamsala is situated in the upper extremities of the Kangra valley with dense forests, pine trees and rhododendrons surrounding the locality.There have been lot of monastries built by the Tibetian pilgrims across centuries and there are places of spiritual wisdom around the region.I visited the province with one of my friend in a chilled winter morning traveling by a bus from Delhi which took around 10-12 hours to reach the haven.

HPCA cricket stadium and unrivaled hill station
HPCA stadium

Unrivaled hill station of Dharmasala having the cricket ground
Cricket ground

Dhauladhar ranges
Mountains of the Himalayan region

Places of interest around Dharamashala are Mcleodganj,Tibetian monasteries and the hill top of Triund.The food has the local taste of Tibetians and appreciated and acknowledged by travelers across the globe.Temperature mostly remains tropical throughout the year and the Buddhist monasteries are opened for visit paying a tribute to the religion.The Dhauladhar and the Pir Panjal ranges are visible from Dharmashala and the Triund trek remains popular among mountaineers due to the presence of Bhagsu waterfalls in the way and the snow clad peaks of the Dhauladhar ranges.Dharamsala and Mcleodganj remains very crowded these days due to the flurry of tourists from all over the world to pay homage to the religion Buddhism and meditate for peace and prosperity.


Weekly Photo Challenge Resilient

Th scorching mountains


It’s tough and challenging for individuals living under the sheath of the brownish mountains of the Trans Himalayan region when there is nothing much left for them to do rather than building their small wooden houses,making proper planning for planting their own natural and fundamental ways of farming and vegetation.

Brownish mountains
Red brownish mountains and some life thriving under them

When I traversed through these rocky mountains of the region I saw something unique and a landscape which I had never witnessed before in my entire life.Tough and hardy people making a living under these mountains and maintaining the vegetal is something to praise for and be proud of irrespective of the difficulty penetrating across the region.The mountains became brownish red due to the scorching effect of the sun and their appearance became very terrifying and alarming.One landslide or earthquake could change the entire scenario prevailing in the region and could ruin the lives of hundreds living in the habitat.

Mountains standing tall
Mountains standing tall and life thriving under them

These people are living there for hundreds of years and thanks to the entire community and the ecosystem for being kind and gentle towards these inhabitants.It requires tremendous perseverance,infinite patience and hardships to confront to the circumstances prevalent in the region.Irrespective of these adversities and grievances the people live there celebrating the famous Kumbh Mela of Himalayas and maintain a resilient and cohesive lifestyle not led my many and something to remember and be proud of the region and the inhabitants.