Chronicles of the Titan Baralacha La

The Baralacha La pass


The Baralacha La,gateway to Keylong is a very important and high motorable pass in Himachal Pradesh.The mountains of the Greater Himalayas is the boundary to this high rising pass inscribing the shining Suraj Tal lake.Traversing through this high motorable pass is quite challenging and herculean due to the severe road conditions and the narrowness of the path.The mountains inscribing this high rising Baralacha la Pass remains covered with snow and ice throughout the year and falls under the Greater Himalayan belt.

High rising Baralacha La pass
Baralacha La Pass

Mountains circumscribing Baralacha La
Mountains circumscribing the pass

Descending down to either Keylong or Sarchu would be a good idea to spend the night and that is what myself and my colleague did while voyaging through the compass.The green Himalayan meadows down the lane and an opening route to Zanskar valley close to the Baralacha La are some of the promising happenings around the region.We backpacked and enjoyed the ride to the pass on a Qualis and catched even the slightest glimpse in our digicams to last for a lifetime.Our endurance to decussate the province was in our wishlist which we anticipated long back and we managed to buckle this time for a few bucks keeping the travel budget in control.

High rising pass Baralacha La
One of the largest passes in the world is Baralacha La

The incumbents of the region were very cooperative and their hospitality was worthy of praise as we did not fall short of water and food while peregrinating across the vicinity.We managed to get the help of the army in overcoming some of the hurdles during the journey and the driver was also very helpful and loyal throughout the tenure.It was an enriching experience to ameliorate the presence of wild Himalayan shrubs and flowers and shepherds while traversing through the high mountain passes of Himachal Pradesh.