Scent of these spices


The scent of these spices attracts both minister and the millions.Yes,I am talking about the popular Saffron and Zaffrans found in the Realms of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir.Human beings who are very health conscious are aware of the potential benefits of these spices and they travel to the northern parts of India to get the best quality of them.

Saffron is basically a health probing spice used to cure all types of skin ailments and nurture pregnant women before delivery to get a healthy baby.The color of Saffron varies from red to pinkish and are quite expensive.The original Saffron is very promising and an inexpensive ingredient of milk chocolates and other dairy products.They are sold in metallic boxes weighing 20 to 30 gms.To find the true and the original version of Saffron,one can rub it in the palms of the hand and find whether the dirt actually goes off from the fingers and the palms.

On the other hand,Zaffran is basically an ingredient added to make curries more aromatic and add flavor to the dish.It also acts as an important constituent to get the proper color for the special dish in preparation.It is mostly used in large scale preparation of North Indian and Punjabi cuisines.They too are sold in small metallic boxes weighing 20 gms and can be quite expensive.But it would be better to get the authentic ones before planning to purchase them and one can get it at a moderate price of 300 bucks for every 30 gms sold.The importance of spices in India is of huge and tremendous value if the embryonic and primitive variety is purchased and can be considered as a very healthy and potential constituent.