True Freedom lies in Solitude,Travelling and Wilderness


True Freedom is what we humans desire..How free are we?? We cannot be completely free in this world since we have to live for somebody else we are dead.However Traveling and spending time in Wilderness can make one free from desires and enter into a new world..Empowerment of the mind is very essential before making such decisions.Solitude is a very important factor to consider before arriving at such conclusions because it acts as the greatest strength in hard times and I have felt the essence and importance of it in real life.I am mostly an introvert solitary individual but I don’t find anything wrong in it because it is my wealth and strength and acts as my biggest weapon to deal with situations and difficile circumstances.If one realizes the importance of solitude and how peaceful it is,we don’t feel like dealing in chaos and speak to anybody about anything.



True Freedom
Dal Lake,Kashmir

True Freedom can be achieved at times and so Why not spend one weekend  at the Jim Corbett National Park at Ramnagar in Uttarakhand among animals,wilderness and mountains of the Inner Himalayas. Yes the idea is good and makes sense..That’s what I did.i.e take a car to Ramnagar and plan the safaris within the Corbett Reserve one after another.Not worrying too much about safety from wild animals planned an open jeep safari within the park in 3 of the zones..The morning blaze of the sunlight was very pure and fresh and notable and traveling amidst of the Shivaliks and the Inner Himalayas was something to cherish for entire life..Although tiger siting was a matter of luck but the largest national park in India was itself a treasure hunt to watch out for.

The fragrance of the flowers blossoming all around the park was a delight and the footsteps of the solitary king of the jungle were enough to make us fall in love with the surroundings.Traveling solo was also one of the reasons that made me feel the same.Spending time in seclusion with nature and amongst the wild made me feel on top of the world and I realized that complete true freedom can be achieved at times.