Mount Manaslu peregrination|The peak with crescent structures and a ridge at the meridian


Manaslu peak is situated in the western segment of Nepal and is a treasure for the country as it is the eighth highest mountain in the world with crescent structures.Trekking to Manaslu is a test of strength and courage and popular as a section of the Manaslu Circuit zone,a prominent and striking route undertaken by the trekkers of Nepal and individuals coming from other countries.The trek starts from a place called Arughat extending into Larkhe Pass and concluding at Lamjung region.

The Larke Pass (5135 meters)
Approaching Larke Pass

Manaslu Circuit Trek Larke Pass
Larke Pass

Manaslu trek route
Monastries along the trekking zone

Manaslu peak has crescent structures along its surface and a ridge at the meridian.These crescent structures are easily perceptible and prominent once we come closer towards the base camp of the mountain.The mountain dazzles and the best view can be seen in the early morning hours when the peak enthralls and intrigues travelers with its vibrance and effulgence. It is not a herculean task to reach till the base camp of Manaslu which can be easily attained with the best trekking groups.The entire trekking zone is very enthralling and magnetizing due to the enchanting mountains of the Himalayas and the ever changing landscape of the region.The trek to the base camp requires a permit and the entire route is through the snow capped peaks and the Buddhist monasteries along the Budhi Gandaki river.Vegetation along the region is abundant and there are medicinal plants and rhododendrons and associated species in the forestal zone.

Temple shed for trekkers
Small bricks laying a foundation and making a shelter for tired trekkers

Crescent structures mountain Manaslu
Manaslu circuit zone camp

I was blessed in getting the services from Peregrine Treks and Expeditions,a notable local travel operator in Nepal whose hospitality was worthy of praise and a striking feature during my entire trip.The services provided by them made the entire trip fruitful and a memory to last for a lifetime.The entire journey planned along with them allowed intimate communications and synergy with the different classes of people who lives in the small villages of the region.The entire trekking route comes under the Great Himalayan trail and the Manaslu conservation area ,an initiative undertaken to conserve and protect the natural resources and promote eco-tourism and development in the entire zone under propinquity.

Manaslu Larke Pass
The circuit zone

Monastery in Manaslu
Monastries proclaiming the importance of Buddhism in the region

As compared to other trekking zones,this one holds a special significance in my heart and memory as I was fortuitous in capturing the beauty of the pristine mountains of the Himalayas in the Tibetian border coming under the Nepalese territory and a chance to visit Nepal and its grandeur and the lifestyle of the people.Manaslu peak is  very famous among the people of Japan as they were the first to conquer this mighty peak.The entire expedition along with my friend and the trekking company was full of excitement and magic and an ernest desire to complete the entire voyage within the stipulated time frame.The local inhabitants,the villagers of Syala and Samagaon made it very special and remarkable to contrive unforgettable memories of this trail and the Himalayan lifestyle and life thriving there in my travel life span.

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