Chandra Taal|Sweet water lake of love and passion in Greater Himalayas


Chandra Taal is the only Sweet water lake situated in the Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh in India circumscribed by the mountains of the Greater Himalayas.The lake looks dazzling and spirited in the morning and afternoon hours reflecting the color of the empyrean and strikes a wonderful glow with the environment.The mountains encircling the lake belongs to the Greater Himalayan circuit and consists of different colors,shapes and sizes.Travellers and tourists come from different corners of the world to view the stunning appearance that makes it exemplary and distinct among
other high altitude Himalayan lakes.The proximity of firmly different textures helped me to capture the stream of water in the lake as if I were shooting an ocean from a plane.

Sweet water lake Chandra Taal
The Candid Chandra Taal

Route to <a  href=
Chandra Taal" width="960" height="720" /> On the way to Chandra Taal

Mountains encircling the sweet water lake
The mountains encircling the lake zone

Passionate people willing to camp in the Himalayas find this place the perfect stead for such activities but backpackers need to get their own tents and other trekking gears willing to adventure and set up their own campaigns in the area to keep their wanderlust alive and dynamic.Backpackers and adventure activists plan for a sojourn near the lake and spend the night getting a chance to  capture its beauty and changing colors.During winter the lake is normally frozen so it would be wise to visit the lake during autumn or summer to feel its essence and charm.

Approaching Chandra Taal
On the way to Chandra Taal lake

Dry areas around Chandra Taal
The dry areas of the region and the arid mountains

Chandra Taal enclaved by mountains
Chandra Taal enclaved by mountains

Chandra Taal hiking
Hiking around Chandra Taal

My experience with this sweet water lake was amazing and the weather was crystal clear and free from nimbus clouds.The entire area is very scenic and perfect and on spanning few kilometres would take us to the famous Bara Shigri Glacier enveloping the Kunzum Pass.There are tents set up between the Pass and lake by the local residents for their daily income and business.The road is zig zag and an easy one to traverse with the mountains of the Greater Himalayas encompassing and creating a dazzling panorama for photographers and travel enthusiasts.Lovers and couples often consider this place
as the perfect honeymoon destination due to its geographical latitude and bearings.The color of the mountains keep on changing as we come closer to the lake and move westward towards to the Kunzum pass.The place has all the ingredients,piquancy and flavors to compare it with the top ten high altitude lakes of the world and the best in India.Being the only sweet water lake and the origin of the Chandra river in Greater Himalayas it attracts more tourists and travelers across the world

Sweet water lake Chandra Taal
Chandra Taal

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  1. It was a pleasure to read your adventure here! The photos plus the text explain well what you have done. I love mountains so I’ve added this post to my bookmarks in case I have the opportunity to visit this wonderful place 🙂