Mukteshwar-An abode of Lord Shiva in the circuit of Kumaon

The temple

Mukteshwar,not known by many is a few hours drive from Nainital and is a sacred and a cherished abode of Lord Shiva.Many pilgrims and worshippers of the deity come from different corners of the world to see the abode which is in the lap of the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand.The sacred and the holy shrine of Shiva is situated at the highest point in the town and is now a tourist destination  to witness the splendor and magnificence of the Mighty Kumaon spectrum.

Mighty Kumaon spectrum from Mukteshwar
Breadthtaking view from Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar Shiva temple
Mukteshwar Dham



Compared to other small hill stations,this place also offers accommodation to tourists coming from different corners who wish to stay a day or two to acclimatize with the environment and observe the offerings of Mother nature.There. are some pristine snow clad peaks visible from the sphere and wildlife adventure thriving in the deodar forests.Sunrise point,rock climbing, and orchard visits are some of the promising tourists attractions in the region that urges real time travelers to convoy the sphere along with the grandiosity and the majesty of the Mighty Himalayas.We brought some woolen clothes which are quite popular in the region and we camped in a place close to the forest area to feel the essence and the grandeur of the place to its fullest.

Winds dictating
Winds dictating and trees witnessing their elocution



Route towards Mukteshwar
On the way to Mukteshwar

Temperature of the region remains mostly subtropical and I chose December month to visit the circuit along with one of my friend to witness the chillness and the eminence of the unblemished peaks of the mighty Kumaon spectrum with Nanda Devi amongst the prominent ones.The winter months of December and January are the best time as there are no climatic huddles that can play spoilsport to one's plans of convoying the entire proximity under consideration.It was an enthralling and spellbinding experience for me and my companion to contrive unforgettable reflection and recognition of this divine place which is a must visit destination for all mountain lovers and pilgrims across the terrain.

Kinnaur|Where Apples Galore and Mountains Glitz

View from Kinnaur

The Road Taken

Kinnaur is the only place in India where apples galore and mountains glitz.Kinnaur has its headquarters in Reckong Peo,a small subdivisional town where there is some life thriving in the Himalayan abode.Kinnaur is spread across other areas like Kalpa,Karcham and Tapri and is a very renowned and prominent place in the lap of the Greater Himalayas.Kinnaur is rightly known as the Land of Mountain Gods and Goddess and considered very sacred due to the presence of pristine mountains,the hospitable nature of the people and the presence of flowers,Himalayan shrubs and wilderness that makes it a succinct place in the lap of Himalayas.

Apples galore in Kinnaur
View from Kinnaur

Reckong Peo
Radial View from Reckong Peo

Mountain peaks from reckong peo
The mountain peaks visible from Reckong Peo



I visited Kinnaur by travelling a whooping distance of around 14 hours in a deluxe coach from Chandigarh crossing Shimla,Karcham and Tapri and getting glimpses of important peaks like Raldang,Jorkanden and Kinnaur Kailash in the mid way.I traveled in the summer months of June so the weather was free from climatic disturbances and dark clouds and the road taken was not easy to traverse.The peaks were crystal clear and we managed to catch sight of deodar trees,pine and plenty of rhododendrons and the lush green alpine meadows.Apples galore in the orchards making it a succinct place in the Greater Himalayas

View from Kinnaur
Diagonal view from Kinnaur

Kinnaur road side
Kinnaur road side and mall



It was around 9 am in the morning when we reached Reckong Peo and managed to get a small budgeted hotel to spend the day as we were very tired and exhausted and did not take any chances to travel elsewhere.Next day early morning we visited the districts of Kalpa,Karchaam Dam and meet and interact with the locals and the traditional food of Kinnaur where the delicious apples galore.The important places that were left were covered and planned in the last day which included Sangla valley and Chitkul Tibet border.Ater crossing Sangla,we visited the last province of Kinnaur which was Chitkul to get the complete package and the splendor of the mighty Himalayas and the beauty embracing the region.It was an awesome feeling to land in Chitkul,the last village and the most beautiful place in the Kinnaur district.When we arrived,the sun was about to vanish and the setting color of the sun created a blaze in the surroundings making a panoramic halo across the whole scene.


The mountains were ravishing and glowing and the chillness took our breadth away and I just ponder about this place everyday in my daily life and encourage young travelers to make this in their priority list for the future.


Striking Natural Formations on Earth

Holy cave of Amarnath


There are a few striking natural formations which appeals to the normal human beings and I would consider myself very fortunate to have witness the perception.The most tempting feature about these visions are either in the way they have contrived or a blessing of Mother Nature.Nature takes its own form to create marvellous features which are beyond our level of perception.When. nature takes its real form,nothing is impossible and everything becomes easy to interpret and understand the true meaning and the hidden secrets of life and the world.

One such stunning feature which I witnessed was a cave in the Anantnagar district of Jammu and Kashmir.The cave was a natural concort which is believed to have formed 1000 years ago.There are lot of myths and stories attached to the formation of the cave which may be true according to scientists.The mountains of the Greater Himalayas circumscribe the cave all through with some springs and waterfalls clinging to it.The cave is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva and pilgrims from all over the country come to the cave to seek blessings and divine sanction.The mountain has taken a form of a cave and is the center of attraction in the region and is one of the striking natural formations on Earth.

It was yet another prosperous and auspicious day for me when I witnessed the presence of butterfly undergoing metamorphosis from chrysalis to adult phase in the wild trees and forests of Kinnaur district.The color was yellow which even added some glamour and favour to the natural environment.The process was slow and it took some hours for me to have testified the transformation.I was holding my camera in all angles to get the best of sight and witness the transmutation.Finally after it underwent the transformation it flew away to find its mate in the empyrean.


Hunder Village

Hunder enclave


On my way to Hunder Village,Leh I could see the natural formation of white sand dunes in the plain land and also some portion in the mountains.It was an exotic reflex and perception when we touched it and saw its novelty and sparkle spreading its enigma across the region.The manifestation of wild trees and the Shyok river encircling the diaroma was ecstatic and gave a feeling of presence of Heaven on Earth.The mountains of the Trans Himalayas circumscribe the entire village and the view is an eye catcher and enthralling for any traveller coming to witness the grandeur of the mighty Himalayas.The best time to catch sight of the region would be around July to September as the area is mostly closed and covered by snow and inaccessible during the rest of the year.

Hunder village and tehsil
Hunder village

Camel riders in Hunder
Camel riders across Hunder village

The village had locals practicing their own natural and fundamental ways of living and rehearsing local farming and vegetation.Home. stays are available for travelers at moderate prices that enlivens them to stay for a day or two in the village.Food is natural and has a very good flavor of taste due to natural and unique ways of plantation by the local inhabitants.Hunder tehsil is the gateway to the Nubra sand dunes which is a very important valley in  Northern Himalayas and in the topological map of India.

Trans Himalayan ecstasy
Trans Alpine magnetism encompassing Hunder village

Hunder sand dune
Hunder sand dunes

Camel rides are also a special feature in the radius and their special appearance can amaze or shock any individual.Hunder village can be a very promising place for travelers wanting to make any natural agenda and expanding the greenery across the vicinity.Peace and stability should be maintained to preserve such places in the future which can be rewarding and the presence of the Diksit monastery also adds flash to the sorcery.