Bir Billing|Paragliding ranch of India

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Bir and Billing are two places in the Greater Himalayan circuit covered by dense forests,flora and fauna falling under the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.Bir is a spiritual destination nestled in the Indian Himalayas covered by thick and impenetrable forests.Travelers normally prefer Pathankot as the central point before going to these destinations.There are monasteries,Hindu temples of religious importance in the region accompanied by prestigious retreats and Swiss tents for accommodation for travelers and tourists.There are even home stays available at cheaper and affordable rates for travelers who prefer to save money while travelling.There are paragliding opportunities in the region but proper care should be taken to avail these services who are experts and trained in this field.

Flowers garden
Flowers of Autumn at Bir
Tatva Vir
@Tatva Vir Resorts Bir
Flower gardens
Flowers blossoming at Bir
Shiva temple
Shiva Temple at Bir
The Monastery

Billing is on the other side at at distance of around 15 kms from Bir from where the paragliding services are prevalent for like minded travelers and youth.Travel enthusiasts,trekkers and other adventurous people travel to Billing to experience this beautiful ride in the empyrean for 15 mins to half an hour.There are even small tents available to spend the night at Billing to experience the grandiosity of staying under the mountains and the open.The beauty of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges becomes visible and accessible if the sky is clear and free from dark clouds.The ranges of the mighty Dhauladhar can be observed from the paragliding ranch and other parts of Himachal like Triund and Dharamsala.

Paragliding at Billing
Paragliding opportunities in Billing
Para Gliding at Bir
Paragliding as observed from Bir retreat
The parachutes
Experts preparing for gliding at Bir
Way to Bir
Paragliding ranch at Bir

Dharamasala,Mcleodganj,Joginder nagar and Barot Valley are important places that can be traversed from Bir-Billing if one wants to plan a short tour for 4-5 days in the Himalayan arcade.Dharamsala and Mcleodganj are well known spiritual destinations for Tibetians and Buddhist monks and popular due to Bhagsu waterfalls,Shiva and the Dalai Lama temple.Places like Palampur and Barot valley are located in the extreme end covered by thick and dense forests of the Himalayas.Barot valley falls in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh and encircled by the Uhi river.There are species of wild
flowers that blooms and glows during autumn and people travel from remote corners of the country to experience the gravity Β and the beauty of this valley.The scene at Barot is sparkling and vibrant due to the presence of snow capped mountains and serenity in the region that keeps the wanderlust in us is a dam constructed in the valley connecting Joginder nagar for water supply to the people living in the region.

On the way to paragliding ranch
On the route towards Billing
The tents at paragliding ranch
Tents reserved for tourists at Billing

There are well known resorts and retreats available for sale near Bir and Billing if one wants to purchase them.The road connects Joginder nagar to Palampur and Dharmsala and Mcleodganj on the other side.Being the paragliding ranch,Β Bir and Billing are small villages in the Himachal circuit that remains unconquered by most people in the country due to the lack of geographical knowledge and lack of awareness.They are equally beautiful and natural as compared to other hill stations and should be visited and planned at appropriate times to enjoy the differences prevailing in the region as compared to other places
in the country.

Flowers at paragliding ranch
The pink flower
Kangra distrcit
Architecture at Kangra
Rock cut temple
Rock cut mountain temple

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  1. I love nature trips so this is especially appealing to me. Love the tropical plants and the group camping activity. Though I am not so sure if paragliding will appeal to me, too, but watching the others soar above will be as exhillirating experience.

    1. Yes Julz the area is truly incredible thats why the name.Paragliding is a popular event here in India and there are many regions where this is practiced.Billing being the most popular destination for this event is not known to many and lies unconquered.There also have been many institutes set up in India where people learn this art..

  2. Hi, I once watched watched paragliding in this area on a documentary of some sort. You are very lucky to have been there and tried it. India has a special place in my heart love the whole country heading north soon, this is something i would love to try, thanks!

    1. Yes Anshul-Its quite natural that Dharamsala will be crowded due to the temples and monastries.Even When I visited Dharamsala twice it was very crowded but the place has the magical charm to make tourists happy for what they seek and come for…

  3. This looks great! I’ve already been paragliding at a place next to my hometown and at a cliff at a beach on Bali, but this scenery looks FAR more interesting – I mean paragliding at the HIMALAYAS… What scenery could be more awesome around you when being mid-air? πŸ˜€

  4. I’ve had a lot of friends who’ve gone paragliding in Bir Billing and I think after reading this post, I feel more sure than I must give it a shot at the earliest! Even the thought of it is giving me butterflies. Great tips!