Mountains covered with white sand dunes


It’s an unusual and unique feature to spot mountains covered with white sand dunes.Such is the fascination and alchemy of the Trans-Himalayan ranges near Leh,India.Normally every mountain peak has its own charisma and enthrallment but the magic of spotting mountains covered with white sand dunes is subtle and sporadic in any corner of the world.

Mountain ranges of Trans Himalayan regions


Trans Himalayan panorama


We were fortunate enough to witness the incantation which was alluring to the eyes.
Also the river flowing across the mountain ranges added flavour to the magnetism.
The trees were immaculate and vegetation was scarce as compared to other parts of the region.The whole scene created a panoramic halo in the eyes of like minded travellers who came to see the enigmatic divinity of the mighty Karakoram ranges.

Vista bordering Diksit monastery


White sand dunes enveloping mountains



The presence of Buddhist monastries and stupas were another remarkable feature and combination computing the glamour of the area under vicinity.These white dunes are natural and their presence even outstrips mountains covered with snow.Every compatible traveller should find this feature very unique and unexampled from other enticing panorama plunging mountains.

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